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Hi J-Philippe, I received my book today. Many thanks to you and your Dad for all your hard work to publish such a splendid book... Chris Olivier, South Africa

Hi J-Philippe !
Thank you so much !
The books arrived yesterday and they are amazing. I have many books about succulents but no one has so much and so good pictures. It's absolutely great !
A big 'Thank you' also to your father !
I hope the selling of your book is good so that we can hope for a new book in some years...Tobias Walleck, Germany

Your book has arrived in perfect condition.I must say it is a wonderful work and one of the best botanical books I have seen in recent years. Many thanks,
Arden Dearden, Equatorial Exotics Australia

Hi J-Philipe – just to let you know as I sit here in my office, I am holding your book!!
Yes, the parcel arrived today! At last!
I am VERY impressed with the quality of the book and the wonderful photos! Now I can relate the aloes in my collection with the pictures and descriptions in your book!!...Once again – thank you!!...Pieter Van der Walt, South-Africa

It is bigger than I expected and has no less than 1122 photos - an incredible comprehensive record of the 144 species. Well done. It's a beautiful book!... Roy Mottram, UK

L' ouvrage que vous venez de publier était attendu depuis longtemps: une synthèse sur les Aloe de Madagascar et des îles voisines. Son contenu et les remarquables illustrations en font un livre destiné aux succulentophiles mais aussi au grand public. Félicitations.
Marc Teissier, Conservateur Jardin Botanique Les Cèdres, France

I think it is a lovely book and will be a constant source of reference...I hope that you two are also pleased with it as the production was very good and the photos came up excellently.
Paul Forster, Australia

Votre livre est magnifique. Amitiés ... Friderici Christian, Mayotte

You did fantastic job! It is nice to see again places of origin of our plants. On the other side it is sad to see destroyed localities. I think such beautiful book can help a lot in conservation of threatened Aloes and their biotopes, much more than scientific papers...Tomas Pes, Botanical Garden, Plzen Czech Republic

... et encore bravo pour la qualité de votre travail.
Frédérique Dumont, Jardin exotique , Monaco

I just receive this book and it's a marvellous book that every lover of this genus must to have in his library...
Philippe Richaud, France

The book is absolutely beautiful! You and your son did a wonderful job, congratulations.
John B. Miller, Institute for Aloe Studies , USA

Dear Jean-Bernard and Jean-Philippe: I just received your new book yesterday from my friend John Miller. I just want to let you guys know how really great I think it is!!! All the wonderful photos and useful information will make this a tremendous addition to every horticulturalist's library. I've been an avid aloe collector for nearly 40 years here in San Diego California. I have a 3.5 acre botanical garden devoted mostly to aloes. You lovely new book will bring hours of enjoyment. Thanks for the very valuable contribution to the wonderful world of aloes! Sincerely,

Philip Favell, USA